Efficient and Stylish Washers and Dryers for Your Southern Illinois Home at Mark's Appliance

Discover the Perfect Washer and Dryer for Your Household

Refresh your clothes and enjoy a hassle-free laundry experience with a new washer and dryer from Mark's Appliance. Browse our extensive selection of energy-efficient and spacious laundry appliances, including front load washers and dryers, large-capacity top-loading washing machines, compact washers and dryers, and more all designed to suit your lifestyle, space, and budget.

Choosing the Right Washer and Dryer for Your Needs

Invest in a washer and dryer that meets your family's needs. Consider your laundry habits, load sizes, washing frequency, fabric types, and soil levels. Opt for large-capacity machines for bigger loads and heavy-duty washing of bulky items like comforters and towels. If you have limited space, stackable washers and dryers, portable washing machines, or apartment washers and dryers are ideal. All-in-one washer dryers and laundry centers offer the functionality of both appliances in a single, space-saving solution.

Innovative Features for a Stress-Free Laundry Day

Modern washers and dryers come with features designed for your convenience:

  • Multiple Wash Cycles: Cater to various fabric types and soil levels with ease.
  • Quick Wash Cycles: Clean small loads in just minutes.
  • Load-Sensing Features: Automatically adjust water levels according to the laundry load size, saving water.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy minimal noise and vibration during the wash and dry cycles.
  • Steam Technology: Remove stubborn stains with steam washers and eliminate wrinkles with steam dryers.
  • Moisture Sensors: Stop the drying cycle when clothes are dry and extend drying time when needed.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Control your washer and dryer remotely with WiFi capability and smart home integration.

Preparing for Your New Washer and Dryer

Before purchasing, measure the width, depth, and height of your current machines, leaving at least an inch on either side for proper circulation. Ensure you have proper outlets, water hookups, and a vent for your dryer. Your home's setup will help you choose between a gas dryer or an electric dryer.

Delivery and Installation at Mark's Appliance

Upgrade your laundry experience with a washer and dryer set from Mark's Appliance. Our sets are designed to work together, making laundry chores easier and more convenient. We carry top appliance brands with the latest features, and also offer washer and dryer pedestals, stacking kits, hoses, vent kits, and power cords for your electric dryer.

Enjoy free delivery on your washer and dryer purchase when you buy the required parts. We'll even move or haul away your old appliances, and you can trust that your appliances are protected with our Protection